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Updates Yaay

2013-11-18 22:50:37 by JackalBerserker

I'll be gone all next week for Thanksgiving break. Gonna have some fun at Disneyland and hopefully I'll be able to get inspired by the themepark itself. I won't be able to take my tablet with me (sorry little Bamboo, you're going to have to sit this trip out!), so expect little to no posts. (Not that I was posting much anyways uwu,,)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Going to end this post with a little sketch because why not c:

Updates Yaay

Finally getting over my cold, yay~

I've been doing more traditional works. Hopefully if I can get my scanner up and running, I can upload them sometime soon. c:

So, in the mean time - Have a little bit of traditional Ymir from SNK/AOT~ I've been working on more realistic works of artwork and I'm happy with how this came out. Not going to post it in the Art Portal because it's a photograph and not a scanned image. (Ignore the extra writing on the top right. It's just a little note to a cutie that I'm hoping to send this off to <3)

Just Another Small Update

Oh my *O*

2013-09-15 23:14:54 by JackalBerserker

Just realized that I gained a couple fans during my time here on Newgrounds. Hello to all of you~!

Anyways, I was finally able to rid of my art block. Also, since I do have an art class this term of Highschool, I'll be able to upload some traditional artwork as well. (Hopefully, if I can get my scanner to work.)

Once again, very sorry for the few updates and inactivity. If I could, I'd stay at home and draw all day and post much more often than what I do now. (/w\)

School Time

2013-08-16 23:00:41 by JackalBerserker

Just a little apology for the lack of uploads. I've just recently started my Junior year of High School a few days ago, and because of school, I'll have less time at home to make digital art.

Hope I can find a schedule that works so I can continue to create art and post it. ovo)b

And hopefully, I can also get rid of my terrible art block that's plaguing me right now.

Thank you~ c: