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Just Another Small Update

2013-09-25 22:21:11 by JackalBerserker

Finally getting over my cold, yay~

I've been doing more traditional works. Hopefully if I can get my scanner up and running, I can upload them sometime soon. c:

So, in the mean time - Have a little bit of traditional Ymir from SNK/AOT~ I've been working on more realistic works of artwork and I'm happy with how this came out. Not going to post it in the Art Portal because it's a photograph and not a scanned image. (Ignore the extra writing on the top right. It's just a little note to a cutie that I'm hoping to send this off to <3)

Just Another Small Update


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2013-10-01 10:52:20

Looks good!

JackalBerserker responds:

Oh, thank you!

(Whoops, sorry for the really late reply. (/o\) )