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Happy New Year!

2015-01-17 00:15:15 by JackalBerserker

Hey guys, just wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year! I've been a bit busy with planning out my future, as well as spending more time with my girlfriend. 2015 is going to definitely be a year of changes for me, and I'm looking forward to them all.

The first major change that's already been implented is that I finally decided to leave DA. Those who have visited my account in the past week more than likely know about this change. Even though I've quit posting on DA, I will still visit the site to check things likes messages. I'm planning on making the full move to my new art Tumblr, which will not only have finished works, but also WIPS and maybe personal posts because why not. ('U')/

Update: gigbar.tumblr.com is the new spot for all of my art currently. HitRecord is also being kept fairly active, but it's more for finished works.  

Another major change that will be happening pretty soon is graduation. I'm hoping to be able to move after I graduate from highschool. A bold move, yeah, but I think it'll do me good seeing that I've just been in an unending slump here in Cali for a good 5 years. I'm not too sure on what this will do to affect my art, which I'm hoping to pump out a whole bunch more this year since I've been slacking. If anything does pop up, I'll definitely be making a post here.

2nd Update: I'm planning on finally opening up shop to be able to sell art and take commissions. Two sites that I've recently looked at, and actually kinda do like are Etsy, which will hold commissions (both traditional and digital) as well as paper and clay items (hopefully phone/key charms and miniture sculptures), and Society6, which will have t-shirts that both me and my girlfriend have designed together as well as digital prints. No shop names yet for either site seeing that we're still in planning mode.

So, to finish this post off, I'll just post some recent art that I've done. 

Mouse pixel art ('U')b


Pixel of my character, Jackal Berserker


Pixel of my other character, Saro


A really quick digital piece


My Altaria and my girlfriend's Swellow


Some art that's been done in 2014 but are still kinda fairly recent, most of them being traditional pieces, whoops (Mmm yes my small, girly, babby hands too):


Puppy cat and birds



Water color foxes I did for a school project


Experimental stuff because yeh



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