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Happy Belated Father's Day and Updates

2015-06-22 17:58:38 by JackalBerserker


Yay, my tablet actually works on my girlfriend's computer c:


Anyways, I apologize for the lack of activity. I do realize that I did say that I wanted to post more, but life has been so hectic and crazy lately. It feels good to finally be able to catch my breath and take a break.


I've been sick for a few weeks. Thankfully it seems to be gone now, and when it was affecting me it wasn't anything too terrible. It did affect my time, however, especially when it would act up since I was lifting something too heavy or moving too quickly when I was packing up my belongings.

Currently I am now in Florida! I'm living with my wonderful girlfriend now and things are looking amazing. I'm soon to go to community college here in Florida with her, but for now during summer, I'm allowed to be given a good, long break. I hope to soon be able to find an area to do art and to be able to take money commissions since I'm in need of a job in the mean time!



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