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2016-07-19 20:07:42 by JackalBerserker

Still unsure if I want to continue with this site; I haven't touched it in ages but since I'm revisiting old art sites, I decided to upload my new work. I'm trying so hard to get into the habit of drawing again since I'm planning on taking commissions for real soon.


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2016-07-19 20:44:03

You've got a real aptitude for illustration, no matter where you go, I hope you keep at it!

JackalBerserker responds:

Thank you for both your support and kind words!

I honestly didn't expect to receive comments at all, so it was certainly a nice surprise.


2016-07-19 21:03:45

How's life, got a day job? Anyone hiring? I would've stayed in California in the early 90's, but the state economy was still suffering from a recession... ever done any murals or big canvas stuff?

JackalBerserker responds:

Ah, it's alright I suppose. I've just been spending my days dedicated to practicing my drawing skills since I haven't been able to motivate myself to do so for quite a long while. Also been looking around at college classes to take; so lots of good fun, aha.

No job at the moment; I've just been depending on small art commissions here and there for spare change. It's a bit difficult to find a job since there's so many youngsters nearby where I live who probably need the money more than I do.

Oh, I see. Can't say I blame you; it's been pretty difficult for my parents to keep a steady income during these past few years because of the numerous lay offs that happened.

Sadly no, aha! It would be super cool to do one. The biggest projects that I've taken on as of now are animations, such as PSAs and short stories. I believe my longest animated short was about 4 minutes long; took me and two other animators two to three months to complete it for school credit.


2016-07-19 22:01:33

This place thrives on animation, there anything you could upload here? Just wondering what commercial animators get paid... I used to hang around TV stations, picked up some work at a public access station, shot commercial stuff, back when the NYC metroplex economy was decent. Might be worth dropping your name at local ad agencies, in hopes a client would want to air an animated ad...

I mentioned size, because window front art can net you up to 150$ an hour, if you're good and fast enough... get a straight fee for the window cleaning prior to the work, I imagine http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/17087a35a0924c48c3959e5b3c6c2bca

JackalBerserker responds:

Sadly I don't think any of my old work would be nice enough to submit. A good portion of my work was shot down by contest judges, save for one PSA regarding suicide prevention in which I was able to place 1st in regionals. Though, I'm not too certain if I'm allowed to upload it here; I will definitely have to go check that out. As it is, I'm fairly self conscious of what digital art I upload on here since I wouldn't want to accidentally lose my spot as an artist member just because I decided to share old work. I was lucky to be picked up on the very first day I signed up, but I don't think I would be too lucky to pull that off once again, aha!

I would make new ones, but I'm severely limited due to the lack of tools at hand. All the animations I created were during my high school's animation class since their computers had neat applications that are of industry standard. The only types of animations I'm able to pump out now days are simplistic ones that don't require much video editing, like blinking and speaking, so the most I could do would be to make tutorials on them that people could potentially pay for if they wanted to. I do certainly have to do thorough research on different types of art related jobs and their pay.

I see! I could definitely try my hand at finding an opening like that. Thank you very much for suggesting that; I don't think I would have ever thought of doing something like that for a local business if you didn't mention it. Thank you for the tip!


2016-07-20 13:33:14

Wow, didn't realize you've been here a while! I can understand your position... no sense in uploading things, when you know where the problems lie. There's no crime in uploading something subjective, as long as it's not tagged for the Art Portal.

I guess it's funny that I mentioned both extremes of art, from the highly technical to the brick n mortar. Hmm, this page needs updating http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/animation-resources

Painting storefront widows needn't be as an employee, though you'd need a tax number and such to work for IHOP, I'd imagine. Though, starting out, I'd hit up a local store, ask for 10$ an hour, and see how it comes out, certainly less stress and less permanent than a mural, and it's a good learning experience. I met the artist who did the store in my pic, but didn't get much of a chance to ask everything...

JackalBerserker responds:

Aha, no worries at all! Sometimes I forget that I've had a NG account for this long as well; it honestly feels as if I started just a few months ago from time to time. I've even forgotten that submitted art has the option to show up or not, so thank you for reminding me about that handy check box.

Thank you for the link to the animation resources page! I didn't realize that Toon Boom, the program that we used for a majority of work at my high school, had a free trial version of itself. I will certainly have to look into the other free 2D applications they have listed on that page.

Ah, alright! I'll certainly keep that in mind then. Thankfully there's quite a few local, family owned shops located around where I live, so hopefully I can strike a deal with at least one of them. I seriously cannot thank you enough for all the helpful tips you've been generously providing to me. I wished the art teachers at my school gave out as much useful information about different types of art related careers as you have been giving to me.


2016-07-22 17:16:42

Either that or this (if it's been patched/debugged correctly): http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1406896#bbspost25789165_post_text

No idea what kinda paint... water based latex? Don't thank me too much, no one likes doing windows lol, but maybe there's a good tutorial on YT somewhere. Also be careful if you need (likely, especially if you have to take down your own work later) to use a razor scraper. It seems such an old profession, I doubt there's any mention of it online, but I've been told it's by the hour, though it would seem square footage could be a factor (or at least the size of the rollers and brushes)